Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)


The Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) is a government enterprise under the Ministry of Interior. PEA was founded as an individual organization under the Royal Decree issued on 6 March 1954. Provincial Electricity Organization has legal capital of 5 million Baht with 117 electricity authorities under its purview. Subsequently, Provincial Electricity Authority was established under Provincial Electricity Authority Act of B.E. 2503 (1960) on 28 September 1960 and inherited ongoing missions from the Provincial Electricity Organization. The PEA is opening a new chapter of challenges associated with changes in technology and government policy that cause significant impact in the electricity industrial structure. PEA is committed to adopting these changes by evolving into an electricity business aiming to be excellent in the Electrical Energy Business, meet the expectations of the customers and contribute values to the society and environment by using digital technology, in order to take PEA down the road to becoming “PEA Digital Utility”.


The growing trend of alternative energy and digital disruption plus COVID19 have made a significant impact on immediate changing behavior of customers to new normal lifestyle which concern even more on saving money to secure their uncertain future. The economic downturn causes consumer and big corporates to be more considerate when buying or investing in anything with big budget like solar rooftop. It’s a challenge to convince consumer to invest today to save for next 25 years.

The Opportunity

We finally found the hidden opportunity under the uncertainty by flipping the same concern about ‘SAVING’ for future. Because Thailand has strong sunlight almost 365 days, plus price of Solar rooftop is going down due to more choices of products from China, Korea, or Japan not only from Europe like before, but also long-term low interest loans offered by many banks. Since Covid 19, Digital seems to be the hottest channel that turns on more customers

The Strategy and Solutions

PEA has developed a total ENERGY solution plan of ‘SOLAR ROOFTOP’ that can help big enterprises (which generated the most revenue) to save cost for a certain period of 25 years according to its durable usage. PEA doesn’t sell Solar Rooftop but it provides end to end solutions from 1) sourcing qualified Solar rooftop suppliers with affordable price 2) finance package to offer loan with lower interest rate, 3) offer investment options by self-invest, co-invest or 100% invested by investor and 4) develop a digital platform under Solar HERO platform to provide convenience for customers to submit document, check status along process and daily monitor PV produced from solar rooftop.

Business Outcome

PEA has unexpected successful outcome from focusing on big enterprises of 4000 firms. Most of them are looking for cost saving to secure their long-term business. They found Solar Rooftop is one of the best better solutions to help cutting cost immediately and the most important is it can last for 25 years. The conversion of success is around 15% from 1717 firms contacted.

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